Brookfield Day Nurseries Cylch Meithrin

For the last 4 years our Cylch Meithrin has been running and I am pleased to say, very successfully. The children have thrown themselves into this new area of learning and can often be heard singing songs, saying numbers and colours and asking for things in Welsh.

We are all very excited about this new development and welcome Welsh speaking families to bring along any games/activities/stories that you may have at home for us to use with the children.

Sessions will be taking place on a Tuesday and Thursday morning.

We feel this scheme will further benefit children with a smooth transition into a school environment as they will have a better understanding of the Welsh language. If this scheme is successful we hope to introduce it throughout the rest of the nursery supporting children with the Welsh language not just in the Pre-School Room but Toddlers and Babies as well.

We aim to ensure that all children are given this opportunity moving sessions every two terms to cover the week.

We look forward to providing more information as the scheme developes.